The Chute is an ethical womenswear shop housing apparel + goods based out of Omaha, NE. The shop sells online with a retail space available to shop Wednesdays - Sundays.

It was started due to Omaha's desperate need of a contemporary womenswear shop that was 1) youthful 2) ethically based 3) affordable and 4) unique. Most ethical fashions cost anywhere from $120 - $350 for a top. We want our customers to have access to all the amazing designers who are creating thoughtfully yet attainably. We rarely have items over $200 (unless it's something really good!) to ensure ethical style for all. And we want our customers to feel good about a purchase - knowing that it is a valuable product that, with proper care and adoration, will last a lifetime. 

Whether items are handmade, organically grown, or made of recycled materials, we want to inspire our customers to change the way they shop while not sacrificing great sums of money + their own unique personal style.