Mel Apple Leather Sneaker

$110 $275

This handcrafted beaut was Sylven's first-ever apple leather vegan sneaker and took 2.5 years to source and produce - leaving no room for anything but perfection. From top to bottom, this classic sneaker boasts innovative plant-based and vegan materials.

Mel's outsole is made from a revolutionary sustainable material called lactae hevea - a highly renewable natural rubber derived from the sap of the hevea tree. The Mel also uses a coconut husk insole that not only is naturally produced, but is also naturally antimicrobial, and incredibly comfortable. Mel's shoelaces are recycled cotton and topped off with metal aglets to avoid virgin plastic entirely. And of course, the Mel features their signature luxe Italian apple leather.

Not convinced? Maybe their awards in three separate categories from the 2020 Global Footwear Awards will change your mind.  

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